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Cheryl McIntosh


Cheryl came from a branding agency background where she focused on serving clients in the architecture and construction industries. She directed countless firms through branding and advertising campaigns and while doing so, was able to develop her passion for photography. Cheryl trained alongside accomplished photographers, entrepreneurs and artists to develop her own unique style. She brings an energy to the shoot that sparks enthusiasm and joy for the process. She has been the featured photography for the SMPS Marketer and has been published in Dwell, Kinfolk and 1859. 

Casey Braunger

Casey brings over 15 years experience as the in-house photographer/videographer for one of the top architecture and interior design firms on the West Coast. His work reflects a deep understanding of composition, light, and architecture and design principals. His rich experience, crisp and creative imagery, and an approachable demeanor set Casey apart among his industry peers. 

About Quanta Collectiv


Quanta Collectiv offers clients in the design and build industries a cohesive, central source for high-end architectural photography, drone and video productions. We’re two partners with branding and marketing backgrounds who share similar values and vision for the work. Both professional architectural photographers got their start in the branding and advertising world before landing in marketing for large architectural firms. Their shared technique, style and flexible approach brought Cheryl & Casey together to deliver a rich client experience that reflects deep understanding and appreciation for the craft.

Casey and Cheryl worked side by side as client and vendor before launching Quanta Collectiv. Their collaborative team dynamic invites perspective and a deeper, more complex telling of the project story. When viewed side by side, their work reflects a familial cohesiveness across mediums with the collective creativity of two.

About Pricing

Projects are bid based on a number of variables including the number of images and project scope. Please inquire for an estimate based on your specific project needs. A shot list is helpful in preparing an accurate bid.

There are a number of different ways we can work together. In addition to flat rate or per image budgets, we also offer package and hourly rates. These flexible arrangements are helpful for catching up on portfolio work and documenting projects under construction. Image usage rights are flexible and do not expire.

The Quanta Collectiv Name and Branding

At Quanta Collectiv, we use technology, light and our imaginations to bring beauty to even the most clinical of projects. Quantum (plural=Quanta) are the most basic building blocks of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum, including but not limited to light. The logo icon represents the inner workings of a tilt-shift lens which is considered the lens of choice by architectural photographers. With a tilt-shift, the optics can be tilted and/or shifted in relation to the image sensor enabling the ability to capture the most photons (light energy quanta) coming into to the camera sensor–allowing for the most complete recreation of a scene.