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The Heart of DONE Photography + Marketing

As featured in the August 17th, 2017 Issue of Cascade Business News

Throughout the course of her life Cheryl McIntosh has leaned into every opportunity that tugged at the heart of her creative spirit. As the founder of DONE Photography + Marketing and co-founder of Studio Absolute Branding + Design, her passion lies in helping other self-starting entrepreneurs do the same.

Cheryl identifies herself as the “photographer with a marketing background,” but after a brief conversation with her it is clear that this title is abridged. Her history in the world of business not only spotlights her ingenuity and artistic talents–it shows her remarkable grit. Most people wouldn’t guess that in her early teens, Cheryl was working full time and living on her own.

Her independent and anti-typical childhood fortified her drive for helping others both on a personal and professional level. Cheryl says her favorite conversations center on ideas, growth opportunities and practical tactics for overcoming real and perceived challenges. She especially enjoys helping other women start their own businesses as she wrote about in the 2016 Women Owned Business Edition of the Cascade Business News. See

Cheryl’s passion for community and for crafting stories through pen and lens was first ignited as the resource development specialist for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Oregon nearly 20 years ago. (She started when she was 10, of course.) She later expanded her appreciation for high level creative, beautiful type and imagery as the studio manager for the book design firm, Faceout Studio.

At Faceout, Cheryl thrived working alongside a talented team of designers who encouraged her to further pursue her love of photography–which is exactly what she did.

In 2008 Cheryl launched Studio Absolute and was joined the following year by creative director, Russ McIntosh. They both thought that quitting their full time jobs and starting a business in 2009 was a brilliant idea. Despite the economic downturn, the branding agency saw rapid growth and Cheryl was able to hone her talents as a photographer and writer.

Today, she continues to partner with Studio Absolute for branding and design while she focuses on her most recent endeavor as the photographer with an all-things-creative background and the brain behind DONE Photography + Marketing (founded in 2015).

Cheryl’s heart is evidenced in every aspect of her work. With a particular interest architectural photography, Cheryl leads the viewer to see the vision of the architect’s design, feel the heart of the building’s construction and connect emotionally with the building’s end user. Whether it is architectural, commercial or portrait photography, Cheryl strives to make her subjects look (and feel) their best.

The idea behind DONE is simple: to connect deeply with her clients, learn what sets them apart and provide them the full range of services they need to make the reality of their business match their vision. In a nutshell–Cheryl gets things DONE for businesses. While she specializes in architectural and commercial photography, a scan of reveals that Cheryl brings no shortage of expertise to the table. From copywriting and branding to creative direction–her 20 year industry experience helps business owners differentiate themselves from the competition while telling a meaningful story to the right audience.

“I started DONE because I love a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and I want my clients to feel the same. To me, there is no greater joy than using my creative strengths to propel the growth and success of others. The name, DONE, is actually inspired by the Van Gogh quote ‘Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.’ That is how I became a business owner and that’s the very deliberate path I take in helping my clients succeed.”

Cheryl McIntosh’s photography portfolio can be found at and the branding firm, Studio Absolute is at She’s also on Instagram as and @cherylmcintoshphotography. Contact today for pricing and availability.


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